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Vendor To Strategic Partner: Putting Principles Into Practice

Want to know what building value-driven partnerships looks like in 2020? Watch Tim Braman, Revegy, and Dr. Stephen Timme, Finlistics, as they demonstrate customer-centric selling through a real-world case study.

In this session:

While many businesses work to navigate uncertainty, smart organizations are using this time to learn about their clients and partner more closely to their evolving needs. When the economy recovers -and it will - it will be evident which organizations used this time to refine their strategic focus and helped others succeed.  

This capstone webinar will demonstrate how the core tenets of creating customer value - knowing your client, developing financial insights, tailoring your message, and delivering measurable business value - work within the context of a real-world case study. 

Dive deeper into the practice of developing value-driven partnerships and get a look at the tools empowering world-class organizations to align with their clients' needs.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Uncover customer insights
  • Identify opportunities to add value
  • Map business-critical relationships
  • Collaborate through economic uncertainty

This webinar will apply the principles discussed in their 2019 webinar, From Vendor to Strategic Partner: Uncovering Insights to Generate Customer Value, and the ongoing partnership blog series


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Tim Braman

VP Corporate Strategy & Global Accounts, Revegy

Dr. Stephen Timme

Founder & President, Finlistics Solutions

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