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Top Sales Tools of 2020

by Smart Selling Tools

The Top Sales Tools Guide by Smart Selling Tools culls a list of 600 reputable vendors down to 23 solutions that sales leaders can count on to make a difference to their organizations. With more than a decade of experience evaluating B2B enterprise technology, Nancy Nardin, Founder and CEO of Smart Selling Tools, selects the solutions not only for their solid technology, but also because of their reputations for working closely with customers to ensure their success.

With so many solutions on the market, sales organizations rarely have the resources to keep up with all the evolving tech but it’s important to understand which challenges need solving and in what order. Her guide organizes top solutions in the following categories:

 Closing Deals
 Enabling Sales
 Opportunity and Key Account Management
 Engaging Leads & Prospects
 Field Sales Engagement
 Managing & Reporting
 Targeting Accounts
 Upskilling Reps

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